Learn about the collaborative force behind REWRITE. Discover our impactful partnership, related initiatives, the esteemed Stakeholder Steering Committee, and esteemed Advisory Board members driving our vision for sustainable Earth systems.

The Partnership

The organisations behind REWRITE


Partners with expertise in both areas

Coastal social sciences and humanities

Coastal natural sciences

Advisory Board Members

The Advisory Board will follow, and give advice for, the evolution of the project regarding the science and the impacts of REWRITE to reach excellence science
  • Anne Laure Barillé

    Mudflat functioning expert
  • Carlos M. Duarte

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

    Executive Director, Global Coral Reef R&D Accelerator Platform

  • Dennis Baldocchi

    University of California, Berkeley
    Executive Associate Dean and Professor of Biometeorology
  • Tjeerd Bouma

    Ecological restoration
  • Roger Proudfoot

    Environment Agency
    Estuary and Coast Planning Manager
  • Cyril Roussel

    French Biodiversity Office-OFB
    Coastal Manager, NBS
  • Franz Krause

    University of Cologne
    Senior Researcher, ethnology. Specialized in deltas and water
  • Robert Wilkes

    Environmental Protection Agency Ireland
    EPA activities, including the seagrass surveys and the UK/Ireland’s Saltmarsh Restoration Handbook
  • Patrick Meire

    University of Antwerp
    Rewilding (depoldering, etc) in the Schelde Estuary and coastal zone management
  • Tom Spencer

    University of Cambridge
    Marsh, coastal change aspects
  • Enda Murphy

    National Research Council of Canada
    Senior Research Engineer

We are excited to lead the REWRITE project and embark on this innovative journey to restore and rewild European coastal zones. By bridging scientific knowledge and societal engagement, we aim to create a sustainable future where nature thrives, contributing to climate resilience and biodiversity support.

— Vona Méléder
Researcher at Nantes Université & Project Coordinator of REWRITE

Stakeholder Steering Committee

Stakeholder Steering Committee will be dedicated to the supervision of the engagement of stakeholders within the project, and the impact of REWRITE regarding the society.
  • Alison Dabney

    Conservation Lead
    Wetland Restoration (Zoological Society of London, UK
  • José Eduardo de Matos

    Executive secretary
    Intermunicipality Community of Aveiro Region (CIRA)
  • Kate Sherren

    Full Professor in environmental social sciences
    Dalhousie University (CA)
  • Lars Malmborg

    Biologist and manager
    Aage V. Jensen Naturfond
  • Patrick Hall

    Head of Coastal – Office of Public Works
    Costal – Office of Public Works
  • Rafael Martín Ballesteros

    Director of the Natural Park of Cádiz Bay
    Natural Park of Cádiz Bay
  • Maria Rodriguez Nuñez

    European Programme Officer Nature-Based Solutions

Sister Projects

Stakeholder Steering Committee will be dedicated to the supervision of the engagement of stakeholders within the project, and the impact of REWRITE regarding the society.


wildE integrates environmental, social, and economic expertise to pioneer climate-smart rewilding solutions across eight European sites. Assessing impacts on carbon, biodiversity, and EU objectives, it collaborates with policymakers, communities, and businesses. The project innovates methods and tools while launching a Rewilding Knowledge Hub for stakeholder collaboration.



WILDCARD will, for the first time in Europe, assess the overall potential impact of natural rewilding of abandoned agricultural land and proforestation on carbon sequestration and biodiversity at multiple spatial and temporal scales. Combining field observations, remote sensing, and vegetation modelling with economic, societal and political analyses, WILDCARD will inform national and European policy makers on the contribution potential of nature-based solutions to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The final project’s aim is to offer concrete and realistic policy options aimed at enhanced uptake of rewilding as a significant solution to achieve global climate objectives.