Rewilding European Shorelines and Beyond

We promote the adaptation of the innovative conservation approach of 'rewilding' as a nature-based solution to restore Europe's intertidal areas.

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Where We Work

The REWRITE project's 10 demonstrators cover a range of climates and represent important coastal areas worldwide.
They help us study how climate and human activity affect intertidal soft sediment (ISS) seascapes, enhancing our understanding of these ecosystems and their response to environmental changes.
  1. Gyldensteen Coastal Lagoon

    Gyldensteen Coastal Lagoon

  2. Wadden Sea
    the netherlands

    Wadden Sea

  3. Essex Estuaries Complex
    The UK

    Essex estuaries complex

  4. Dublin Bay

    Dublin Bay

  5. Scheldt estuary
    belgium / The netherlands

    Scheldt estuary

  6. Loire Estuary

    Loire Estuary

  7. Ria de Aveiro

    Ria de Aveiro

  8. Cádiz Bay

    Cádiz Bay

  9. Fundy Bay

    Fundy Bay

  10. San Francisco Bay

    Eden Landing Ecological Reserve

We are excited to lead the REWRITE project and embark on this innovative journey to restore and rewild European coastal zones. By bridging scientific knowledge and societal engagement, we aim to create a sustainable future where nature thrives, contributing to climate resilience and biodiversity support.

— Vona Méléder
Researcher at Nantes Université & Project Coordinator of REWRITE

Who We Are

  • 24 partners

  • 14 countries

  • 10 demo sites

We're a global consortium of 24 partners, spanning 14 countries in Europe, the USA, and Canada. Our work centers around 
10 demo sites, backed by a Scientific Cluster, Stakeholder Steering Committee, and an Advisory Board.

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