Meet REWRITE's researchers! Say hello to Dr Malcolm Hardy

Navigating the Coastal Future: Dr Malcolm Hardy's Journey in REWRITE

Embarking on the challenging voyage of understanding and addressing the intricate dynamics of coastal ecosystems, Dr Malcolm Hardy brings a wealth of experience and a passion for marine science to the REWRITE project.
Meet REWRITE's researchers! Say hello to Dr Malcolm Hardy

In REWRITE, my focus lies in identifying drivers and barriers to enhance natural capital from local scales to European shorelines. This involves mapping current governance and political mechanisms and frameworks at national and regional levels. I engage with stakeholders, including nature protection agencies, NGOs, policy-makers, regulators, and managers of the intertidal resource. I believe that my extensive professional experience, including a lengthy career in law enforcement, voluntary sector organisations, education, and marine science, equips me to excel in this role.

My motivation to join the project stems from a lifelong interest in the ecology and sustainable utility of the coastal zone, encompassing fisheries, navigation, recreation, etc. I am firmly committed to the idea that the future of human societies depends on healthy, functioning, and restored ecosystems.

I have developed my experience and interests in marine science through research and publication on the succession of salt marsh vegetation on managed coastal realignments during an MSc in Freshwater and Coastal Sciences at University College London. Additionally, my PhD at the University of Essex focused on the status, biodiversity value, and restoration of native oysters in the Colne estuary. More recently, I have contributed to research projects at Essex related to carbon storage and fluxes in salt marshes and mudflats, as well as habitat connectivity in seascapes.

Outside of my work on REWRITE, I teach biology at a local college. I am an avid sailor and also enjoy kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, and outdoor activities in general, along with travelling in Europe and further afield.


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